1233625_10100269702880624_3258206164394782993_nWell, it usually helps to start from the beginning. I must disclose, we were not always super light packers. Below is a timeline of how we got to where we are today in the packing realm. There are many other trips in addition to the ones mentioned, but these are our packing turning points. (Written by Ashley)

Early 2000s: We lived in Vermont and Massachusetts (so cold!) so our trips consisted of the tropical locals of Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico complete with large suitcases full of many outfit options…lots of luggage has its benefits!

2004: I took a month-long study abroad trip to India with a large suitcase, a small suitcase, and a backpack. In my defense, the temperatures on this trip ranged from the 50s to a whopping 120+ degrees Fahrenheit! I remember wondering how a fellow student on the trip only traveled with a backpack. I also visited Europe for the first time this year and still probably over packed.

2005: A move to sunny Florida to thaw! We only took what would fit in our car and truck (which was still too much stuff!). Trips were limited to visiting friends and family back home where we started to attempt to streamline our packing.

319409_757635540704_1911270989_n2008: Our first trip to Europe together visiting London, Paris, and Dublin…and the trip where we learned our travel style of visiting multiple places within a trip. We quickly figured out that the large suitcases we packed did not align well with our new-found travel style.

2009: This is where it started to get serious in our world of packing…honeymooning in Thailand. We each brought only a small carry-on suitcase and a backpack. We vowed never to check luggage again! We were able to see so much of the country and not be burdened by our stuff.

2010: Rome to Barcelona (and everything in between!) on planes, trains, and automobiles! We packed again with only a small carry-on suitcase and a backpack. This was essential for the amount of traveling we did on this trip.

2012: Our son was born..we were now a traveling family of 3!

401935_855889968044_62185128_n2013: We traveled a lot during our son’s first year: New Orleans (at 4 months old), Philadelphia/New York City (5 months), Hawaii (6 months), Massachusetts (8 months), Europe (1 year old). Our Europe trip included London, Paris, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Delft, Bruges, and back to London in under two weeks. We only brought a small rolling suitcase carry-on, a small duffel bag, and a backpack. Oh and our trusty backpack stroller of course! We were officially ultralight packers with kids!

2014: I perfected packing only a large purse when traveling for work by myself. My husband, of course, had always traveled with only a backpack for work (guys have it so easy!). I also traveled with my son with only a large purse and a backpack alone for a week-long vacation. 15364_10100142545789454_6335552101295699251_n

2015: Our daughter was born! We traveled with a toddler and 2-month old for a 10 day vacation with only a large hiking backpack, a regular backpack, and a large purse. Our second trip with two kids is the reason we started this blog, we successfully (and that part is important) traveled to NYC (in December) for 3 days with only two backpacks. Not large hiking backpacks, but two regular sized book-bags! Those bags included all of our winter weather clothing (we are Florida people now!) and diaper bag-ish supplies. Our son was 3 at the time and daughter 5 months. This trip became the motivation for this site.

So follow along with us through the blog posts to see how our story continues!