HOW to Travel UltraLight – Traveling Alone with Young Children

The next post in the HOW series focuses on traveling alone with young children. There are many posts on the internet with tips and tricks for traveling with young kids so this post will simply focus on how traveling ultralight can help you survive a trip alone with one or more small children.

My first tip would be to select the amount of luggage you would want to be responsible for when faced with a meltdown (or two if you have more than one child). This is the maximum amount of luggage you want to travel with alone with children. For me, this is a backpack with our clothing and most of our stuff, and a small bag that one of my children can carry that I leave mostly empty. In the worst-case meltdown scenario, I could clip the smaller backpack to the larger one and still manage both kids. This way, I have much less stuff to worry about and (hopefully) less to lose when the kids are losing it. The best part is that the smaller bag can be used to contain all of the random items that we must collect when getting off the plane or out of the car.

Just about all I can travel with when alone with two kids!

My next tip is to prioritize what you need. If you have to, ship/check/acquire at your destination any items that you don’t want to be responsible while traveling. We prioritize things to keep the kids busy and snacks over clothing and gear. Both of these tips are really about setting yourself for success, and making the trip as easy as possible luggage-wise so that you have the capacity to manage the unexpected that becomes very much expected when managing small children.

My final tip is to take a stroller. Always take a stroller. A stroller will transport children or your stuff, depending on your in-the-moment needs. If you have two kids, take a double stroller or baby carrier so that both children can be contained. Safety over stuff any day!

Compression Sacs in Action!

Hopefully one of these tips will work for you and stay tuned as we evolve in our travels! Please comment with your tips and experiences so we can all learn together.

Happy (and Light) Travels!

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