WHAT to Pack UltraLight – Travel Clothing for Women

The next post in the WHAT series focuses on travel friendly clothing for women. An earlier post detailed out tips for women on how to pack, where this post follows that advice to detail out some items that fit those guidelines. To summarize those tips: only pack items you actually wear, identify items that travel well, limit shoes, and pack a versatile wardrobe. The following items have been with me on trips over the past few months and have become essentials to my travel wardrobe! Your list will obviously differ based on your personal style, so this list is just to give some examples of the tips in practice. Now on to the list!

Athleta Trekkie Pants: I now have two pairs of the Athleta Trekkie Jogger pants that I found new for a fraction of the price on eBay, and am truly impressed with how well they travel. They are super comfortable and dry quickly. They also can be dressed up or down. They fold up small, so they are very conducive to ultralight packing. All in all, a great addition to my day-to-day and travel wardrobes!

Toms Shoes: Since I try to only pack one pair of shoes, Toms classics are usually it. They dry quickly and are super comfortable and versatile, making them a great travel shoe. Sometimes I will also pack a pair of basic Old Navy sandals if needed for beach destinations, which I have found pack small, are inexpensive, and hold up well.

Quick-Dry Tanks: To help with versatility, I mix up my wardrobe with tank tops. I have a number of polyester/chiffon tank tops (solid color and patterned) that fold up tiny and are easily laundered in a hotel sink. I have had good luck with Old Navy, but really anywhere that sells a wrinkle free tank top fits the criteria for me! This one on eBay (new) does a pretty good job, but I have found that many women’s clothing stores carry an option from time to time. I also collect scarves to mix it up, and will usually bring one or two to change up an outfit.

North Face Jacket: Oftentimes I will bring a cardigan or a dressed up sweatshirt for warmth when traveling, but I almost always bring my NorthFace Resolve jacket. It goes with everything and is comfortable for a muggy rainstorm or can be layered for the cold.

Hopefully you found an item that might work for you, or at least see how I apply the tips to the actual items that I pack. Stay tuned as we evolve in our travels! Please comment with your tips and experiences so we can all learn together.

Happy (and Light) Travels!

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