HOW to Pack UltraLight – Managing Multiple Trips in Close Succession

The next post in the HOW series focuses on how to manage packing and preparing for multiple trips at once. This post has taken some time to write because we just returned from Disney World, which was our 5th trip away from home in 6 weeks! After successfully traveling to Hawaii, San Diego, Naples FL and Disney, we have a few tips to share that will hopefully make it easy breezy for anyone who attempts multiple trips with kids in such a short timeframe. 

Exploring San Diego
Making due without bathing suits!
Top of the World at Disney
The right gear is essential!
Daddy making it work when Mommy was working!
Mommy making it work when Daddy was working!
Sometimes, the only toys you need are a small bag of legos (and an extra large Minnie Mouse!)
First and foremost, our #1 tip is to keep an area dedicated to packing in your house. This is something we do anyways, but has been essential when managing all these trips. As soon as laundry is done, we have a place to put what we need for the next trip instead of returning it to the closet. Speaking of laundry, the next tip is to not delay unpacking and laundry as you likely will need many items for the next trip (socks and undergarments, I am talking about you!). Further, having a travel wardrobe of practical items also helps; all we have to do is switch out a few distinct pieces and we are ready for the next adventure. In practice, this could be packing the same versatile shorts and shoes for the kids, but rotating in Disney tee shirts for visiting the Mouse and island themed tops for Hawaii. 
Specific to kids, we had to start implementing a new concept over the past few weeks where we give the kids a container (backpack, bag, etc.) and let the bring only what they can fit inside. For a car trip, they can have a larger bag. But for the airplane, they have much less space. This concept has really helped them get on board with both packing light, and helping us prepare for our next trip. 

Finally, we can’t say enough about the benefits to having solid and practical travel gear. Our earlier posts (here and all of the links on the items packed in our WHERE posts) get into the specifics, but these items have served us well over and over. Packing is much easier when the majority of non-clothing items are the same every trip because they are reliable! 

These tips are simple, but put together in combination, they have allowed us to successfully travel to multiple destinations in such a short timeframe. These would be similar tips one could use without kids, but utilizing any small effort to make packing easier when kids are involved has major benefits in time and stress relief! 

Stay tuned as we evolve in our travels! Please comment with your tips and experiences so we can all learn together.

Happy (and Light) Travels!

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