WHO Inspires You To Pack UltraLight – Inspiration for the New Year

As we (and hopefully you too) take a break over the holidays, we are sending along a (re)post full of inspiration for the new year. Cheers to a happy and health 2017!

This (re)post provides a different spin on packing ultralight by listing all my favorite bloggers and current resource list on the topic. These talented and creative individuals have served as an inspiration for all of my ultralight packing adventures. I hope you find someone on this list useful in your journey, enjoy!

For Families:

Minimalist Mom – A great perspective on families living with less stuff, but also living the good life!

Becoming Minimalist – Inspirational posts on family life with less stuff.

Travels with Baby – A lot of resources and tips about traveling with children.

I Heart Family Travel – At the time of this writing, they have started a multi-part post on ultralight travel with kids, I can’t wait to read it all!

LoveTaza – A fresh and beautiful blog with great travel adventures; this post specifically has tips on traveling light with kids.

BigRedKitchen – Specifically check out this post on their almost no bag challenge with kids for three weeks in Europe!

Zen Habits – This post specifically on traveling with kids.

For Women:

Miss Minimalist – Her post on traveling with just a large purse got me started on this ultralight packing journey!

UnFancy – I love her style and really cool capsule wardrobes!

Be More With Less – Courtney’s words are inspirational and so is her Project 333 challenge!

Travel Fashion Girl – I love her packing lists and product recommendations for any place you can imagine!

LadyLightTravel – A great list of resources for women who travel light.

For Men*:

Zen Habits – This post on traveling light and this one on the one bag lifestyle. Leo also has tips for women from his better half’s perspective!

The Minimalists – This podcast on traveling, but really their entire blog is great!

Colin Wright – A guy that lives out of one bag and shares his journey and perspective on life.

*I feel like guys have it easy, a google search will pull up many more resources, I promise!

For All (i.e. My Favorites):

The Minimalists – Their TED Talk is the best so if interested, take the few minutes to digest and reflect; it really will change your mindset and way of thinking about stuff. If you like that, watch The Story of Stuff and this hilarious look at stuff from George Carlin where he talks about travel halfway through 🙂

Be More With Less – I look forward to Courtney’s posts each week!

Becoming Minimalist – Joshua shares his family’s beautiful story and his posts never disappoint!

So I gave you mine, now you give me yours! Please comment on this post to share any resources you have so we can all learn together!

Happy (and Light) Travels!

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